Artistic Nail Design – Artistic Putty – Synthetic Brush Conditioner – 4 Fl Oz


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Product Description

Synthetic Brush Conditioner

NON-DRYING solvent formula will recondition synthetic brushes without further drying

SOLVENT BASED to ensure no product contamination

FAST – works instantly with no waiting

Available in 4oz – 120ml bottle

Designed to recondition and smooth your synthetic Putty™ application brush in seconds, returning it to perfect working condition. Can also be used with any synthetic brush to recondition and restore. Use after every Putty™ application to prolong the life of your brush.

Immerse your Putty™ or other synthetic brush into the solution and wipe onto a lint free wipe to smooth and tame the bristles and remove any excess product. Rinse your brush in Putty™ Slip Solution before working to remove any Synthetic Brush Restorer and prepare your brush for work.

Item #:2840002

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